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Benefits of the Keto Diet and Common Health Conditions

What are the benefits of the keto diet? Is the ketogenic way of eating suitable for everyone? You might just be surprised. The very people that would benefit the most from the ketogenic diet are told they shouldn’t do it. 

Benefits of the keto diet #1: For Type 2 Diabetics

The first, most important group of people who absolutely need to understand without doubt they can eat the ketogenic diet and benefit greatly from it are type 2 diabetics. They have a very disrupted insulin and glucose metabolism because of the crappy food that they’ve been eating for the last 5, 10, 20 and 40 years.

For Type 2 diabetics, if they don’t start eating the ketogenic diet, nothing good is coming their way. They can expect to suffer an array of chronic diseases and an early, miserable death. So, type 2 diabetics are probably the most likely to benefit almost immediately from eating the ketogenic diet.

Benefits of the keto diet #2: For Type 1 Diabetics

Other benefits of the keto diet extend to Type 1 diabetics. You may have heard of Dr Richard Bernstein. He’s wrote a great book called The Diabetes Solution. He’s a doctor and a Type 1 diabetic. So he knows what he’s talking about. Dr Bernstein has been eating low carb, healthy fat keto for decades and he’s very old now. He has not suffered any of the complications of diabetes: no amputations, no blindness, no dialysis. 

Now a Type-2 diabetic could do Keto pretty much on their own and it’s safe to do that. A Type 1 diabetic needs to do keto in concert with a learning health professional who can help them slowly lower their insulin as they lower their carbs. A type 1 diabetic shouldn’t do it on their own to begin with but their life and their life in the future can be miraculously altered if they will eat keto.

Benefits of the keto diet #3: For Pre-diabetics

The next group of people who can benefit from the keto diet are pre-diabetics. If your A1C is starting to creep up or your blood sugars are starting to creep up after a meal, you’re pre-diabetic and you’re destined to become a type-2 diabetic if you don’t change your way of eating.

Keto is the change that you should make. When someone with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance starts eating keto, they can literally reverse the trend towards type-2 diabetes. They can reverse their obesity. They can reverse their insulin resistance just by eating this diet because it’s so powerful.

#4: For those diagnosed with fatty liver

The next group of people who will see benefits of the keto diet are patients diagnosed with fatty liver. There are a number of websites that say people with a fatty liver shouldn’t do keto. This is ridiculous. No other diet on the planet, no other diet in the universe, reverses fatty liver as quickly as the ketogenic diet (plus or minus intermittent fasting). Eating too many sugars, drinking or eating too much fructose is what causes fatty liver. It’s not caused by eating fat. (It really should be renamed sugary liver).

When you start eating a very healthy high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb diet, your body immediately burns up the fat in your pancreas and your liver and that cures your fatty liver. So keto is absolutely the diet that someone with fatty liver should eat.

#5: For those diagnosed with chronic kidney disease

The next group of people who can benefit from the keto diet are those with chronic kidney disease. You’re very often told to avoid saturated fat and avoid protein. These two nuggets of advice are based on no research whatsoever. If you think about it, the leading cause of kidney failure in the US and the leading cause of being on dialysis in the US is type 2 type and 1 diabetes. Sugar, starch, high-carb diet, the whole grains, the fructose, the fruit juices drinking, lots of milk drink, lots of soft drinks – this is what destroys kidney.

High, healthy saturated fat is not bad for kidneys. There’s zero research that shows that it is – even for someone with type 1 or type 2 chronic kidney disease. There’s zero research that shows that moderate amounts of protein are bad for their kidneys. Fat doesn’t hurt your kidneys. Protein doesn’t hurt your kidneys, either.

Many simple carbs sugars and starches destroy your kidneys. If you have chronic kidney disease, talk to your doctor and strongly consider eating keto.

#6: For those with cancer

Cancer patients can benefit from the keto diet. There’s no diet that has more research showing that it slows down cancer in animal models than the ketogenic diet. In studies of rats with cancer, the cancer growth slowed down when the subjects were put on a healthy high-fat, super low carb diet. So, absolutely, if you have cancer talk to your oncologist about eating keto.

#7: For those with arthritis, gout or heartburn

Arthritis sufferers can benefit from the keto diet. If you have severe joint disease like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or any of the other arthritis, you should really consider eating keto. No other diet has reversed or alleviated people’s arthritis quicker than the ketogenic diet.

If you have arthritis, please consider keto. If you have gout, there are studies that show when you first start keto your uric acid may go up a little bit. However, after six to 12 weeks of steady keto your uric acid will come down even lower than it was before you start keto. You’ll have fewer gout attacks and less severe attacks when you do have them. Ketogenic diet is definitely for patients with gout.

People with severe heartburn can benefit from the keto diet. No other diet reverses GERD heartburn symptoms as quickly as the ketogenic way of eating does.

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