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Keto Diet Benefits: 11 Ways It Can Change Your Life

There are many profound keto diet benefits that have made it one of the most effective diets in the world today.

The ketogenic diet is a very ancestrally appropriate diet that our DNA knows exactly what to do with. Our body doesn’t like it when we calorie restrict and it doesn’t like it when we overload it with carbs and whole grains. Our biology loves it when we eat the ketogenic way and there are many keto benefits that await you on your keto journey.

Let’s talk about eleven ways the ketogenic diet can change your life.

Keto diet benefits #1: Lower blood pressure

One of the most important things for many people is that the ketogenic way of eating helps to lower your blood pressure. So if you have elevated blood pressure or even if you have hypertension starting to eat ketogenic foods may help your blood pressure come down.

The keto diet can be so effective in lowering blood pressure that after consultation with their doctor many people have found they can stop some of their blood pressure medications because they now exhibit normal readings. It’s a win-win. Not only can some patients reduce their medication, they also avoid the potential side effects that many of these drugs have. You just follow the keto diet instead.

Keto diet benefits #2: Possible anti-ageing effects

The ketogenic diet may slow down the ageing process. Now ageing is a very complicated thing and there are many variables. You’re going to get older. We all are. There’s nothing you can do about that but you sure don’t want to be speeding up the process by abusing your body with poor nutrition.

What the ketogenic way of eating basically does is reduce a lot of the abuse (particularly inflammation) that particular foods put your body through. The ketogenic diet mimics calorie restriction or fasting diets. It basically mimics the experiments you may have heard about where mice, rats, worms – and all sorts of living things – have doubled or even tripled their life span through calorie-restricted diets.

So the ketogenic diet naturally makes you start to have a time restricted feeding window because you’re so satiated with fat that you mimic these life extension diets that you may have read about.

Keto diet benefits #3: Improves joint pain and inflammation

The ketogenic way of eating improves joint pain and inflammation. Many are able to come off their daily anti-inflammatory medication – after consulting with their doctor. Some are even able to postpone or cancel joint surgery as the keto diet improves their underlying condition.

Keto diet benefits #4: Improves immunity

The ketogenic way of eating decreases the frequency of contracting autoimmune conditions and it also decreases the severity if you already have one. Autoimmune diseases consist of three things: you have a genetic predisposition; you have chronic inflammation in your body; you’re eating crap food. Added together, these things can lead to an autoimmune condition.

If you’d like to reduce your odds of developing such a condition – or if you already have one and you’d like to decrease the frequency or severity of flare-ups, try the ketogenic way of eating.

Keto diet benefits #5: Improves mood

The ketogenic diet improves your mood. Many are able to decrease or stopped their anti-depression/anti-anxiety medication (after consulting with their health professional) just by quitting the standard inflammatory diet most people are on. So the ketogenic diet is a very powerful mood improver and mood stabiliser.

Benefit #6: Treat heartburn

One keto diet benefit is to help reduce the frequency and severity of heartburn. For those who suffer from acid reflux, finding a natural remedy would be most welcome, because reflux can turn eating—something that should be one of life’s simple pleasures and joys—into a painful experience they dread.  Evidence indicates that cutting carbs may be a simple strategy to provide quick relief from acid reflux and GERD.

Benefit #7: Can cure fatty liver disease

The ketogenic diet is absolutely the best diet for curing fatty liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or non-Alcoholic fatty steatohepatitis. All these get better on the Ketogenic diet. For some, a year on the keto diet is enough to completely remove the fat encasing their liver.

A keto diet can help cure a fatty liver or pancreas which – if left untreated – can lead to many chronic diseases, type 2 diabetes and even liver failure. If you have a fatty liver/pancreas, you really need to address that with your doctor and also get on the keto diet.

Benefit #8: Improve hormonal balance

The ketogenic way of eating optimises and balances your hormones. We’re not saying that if a man has a testosterone 250 that keto is going to increase it to 950. But a man’s testosterone could go from 250 to, say, 400 just by changing his diet. I’ve seen a woman’s testosterone go from 3 to 45 just by starting to eat keto. (Yes, women can suffer from low testosterone levels too)

The keto diet seems to help your body restore certain hormone levels.

Benefit #9: Retrains your appetite

Keto helps control your appetite. How many times have you been on a key a calorie restricted diet like the Weight Watchers diet, Jenny Craig, Lean Cuisine, Slim-Fast or whatever? These are all calorie restriction diets. They don’t give you enough fat and so you’re chronically hungry and you’re chronically lowering your metabolic rate. So you’ll lose a few pounds but then you’ll quit the diet because you’re constantly hungry and miserable. Then, you guessed it, all the weight comes back plus 5 pounds!

The ketogenic way of eating is not like that. You get to eat lots of healthy fats and fat satiates. (Fat tweaks your hunger hormones – leptin and ghrelin – so you feel full). That’s why so many people on the keto diet transition to time-restricted feeding or intermittent fasting so easily. It’s because they’re not hungry.

So if you’re sick and tired of starving to death, trying to lose weight, you should maybe try the ketogenic way of eating. We think you’ll be very happy with it.

Benefit #10: Improves acne and skin

This is great for the teenagers and those in their 20s and even 30s.  The keto diet improves acne like no other diet. When a teenager with severe acne (e.g. cystic pustular acne) commits to a keto diet, their skin improves dramatically.

It all gets better because acne comes from two things. It comes from hormones and it comes from inflammation. The ketogenic diet helps with both to the point where  the acne can just effortlessly go away without any expensive lotions, pills or injections. So keto is pretty powerful for people with acne.

Benefit #11: Effective, fast, safe weight loss

We purposefully made this one last. So many people focus on weight loss and that’s why they come to keto but we wanted to put this one last. We wanted you to understand there are so many other benefits to the ketogenic way of eating.

Yes, definitely if you have weight to lose, keto is going to help you lose weight like no other diet. And, just as importantly, it’s going to help you keep it off permanently unlike any other diet. That’s the beauty of the ketogenic way of eating.

Keto will move you towards your ideal body weight. If you’re too skinny, we’ve seen people gain weight on keto. If you’re too fat, we’ve seen so many people lose weight on the ketogenic way of eating.

The keto diet really is one of the healthiest, most beneficial diets out there. It’s sustainable, and it’s exciting and varied enough to make it a life-long way of eating, not a passing fad.

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