You Don’T Need Keto Pills, Tablets Or Powders

Keto pills, keto tablets and keto powders are collectively known as “exogenous ketones” – ketones you take in the form of supplements or capsules etc. A lot of people are getting duped out of their money by these useless pills and potions that have nothing to do with the ketogenic way of eating whatsoever. Yes, these exogenous ketones will actually give you ketones in your urine, your bloodstream and your breath but that’s not the same as actually being in ketosis. This fools many people into thinking they are on their way to ketosis (the state where your body starts to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar).

Don’t be duped into buying exogenous ketones thinking that they are some kind of magical powder or magical pill and that all they need to do is just take those and weight-loss and energy will soon follow. This is absolutely not the case.

If you’ve been told by someone who sells keto pills and powders that if you take them you will have more energy, it will help you with weight loss that it will help you with stamina, understand this: those claims are completely false.

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Ketosis describes the metabolic state where your body switches over from burning sugar as fuel and, instead, starts to burn fat.

Ketones are made by your liver when you’re eating a proper ketogenic diet. You’re eating very high fat, very low carb and moderate protein. In this way, you start to burn the fat that’s on your body. Keto can burn the fat that’s on your belly, thighs, wherever. Most importantly, it can burn the fat that’s stored in your pancreas and your liver because they lead to severe chronic disease.

The way the ketogenic diet works is by putting you into a state of ketosis not just by having ketones in your blood or your urine or your breath. Just because you have ketones in your urine, in your blood or in your breath does not mean you are in ketosis. The whole point of the ketogenic way is to hack your hormones so that you basically convince your body to burn that fat that it wouldn’t otherwise burn.

You are putting your body in a metabolic state where it starts to run on fat. You can either do this through fasting or through a ketogenic diet. Burning fat instead of glucose makes you more mentally alert; your body has more energy; and you’re able to start shifting fat that you just can’t seem to get rid any other way. This is what keto is great at.

So this is not about having ketones in your urine or wherever. That doesn’t help you at all. If you have ketones in your blood that doesn’t mean you’re in ketosis. Testing positive for ketones is not not what we’re going for here. We want you to be in a state of ketosis – that’s a physiological state – not just a condition of having ketones floating around in some bodily fluids.


So, ketosis is the condition of producing ketones in your liver and burning the fat on your body instead of burning the carbs you eat. That’s the definition. And so these multi-level hucksters who are tricking ketogenic newcomers out of their money will pretend to these people that if you pee on a keto stick and it changes colours then you’re in ketosis or if you prick your finger and your ketone is a certain range then you’re in ketosis. Actually not the way it works at all.

Here’s a quick analogy. You can make a man pregnant!… Well, you can make a man test positive in a pregnancy test. Big difference. You can inject a man with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), wait 30 minutes and then have them pee on a pregnancy test stick. It will be positive. Therefore, the man is “pregnant”. You see how that’s ridiculous? (By the way, if a man tests positive in a pregnancy test, it could be a sign of testicular cancer – some tumours secrete hCG – and he should see his doctor as soon as possible).

This is exactly what happens when you take exogenous ketones. Tests will show the presence of ketones in your sample but that doesn’t mean you’re in ketosis. It just means you have ketones in your urine, blood or whatever.

So our goal with the ketogenic way is not to just have ketones floating around in our body fluids like in the pregnancy example. Someone trying for a baby doesn’t want a positive test result – they want to actually be pregnant. That’s the whole point of the ketogenic way of eating as well. You want to actually be in ketosis not just have ketones in your urine or your blood.


If you’re a newcomer to keto and you’re trying to get into ketosis (and get all the amazing benefits that come from that) taking keto pills is not going to do it for you. Nor is it necessary.

If you’ve bought exogenous ketones, put it down to experience, move on and don’t be fooled again. You don’t need ketone supplements. They are a waste of money. They’re not dangerous but they’re not going to help you. Just eat the ketogenic way and you’ll get all the amazing benefits – it’s that simple.

You can drink the silly ketone drinks and have ketones in your system, absolutely. After drinking one of these silly ketone drinks, you’ll have ketones in your urine, absolutely without a doubt. You’ll pee on the stick, it will turn purple. You can check your finger stick and it will show a particular number. None of this means you’re in ketosis.

You can eat a whole bag of Doritos and drink a few of these silly ketone drinks and suddenly “you’re in ketosis”. Really!? We don’t think so. It doesn’t work that way.

It pisses us off because these hucksters are taking advantage of people who don’t know any better. They’re going to waste people’s money and postpone them actually getting the true benefits of a ketogenic diet. Just so they can move up a level in the multi-level marketing scam. That’s really their goal.


Not everyone who sells keto pills is a con artist. Some of these people are very honest. They believe it works. And when someone spends a lot of money on something, pride and placebo can convince them it’s doing good. (At least, for a while, until your rational mind finally kicks back in and you realise that you’ve been conned.)

We’re not aware of any research that proves exogenous ketones have any benefit. (Unless you’re a multi-level marketer then you might get to move up a level!)

People drinking silly exogenous ketone drinks, are not really in ketosis and they’re not reaping any of the benefits of real ketosis. So, the ketogenic diet is the way that’s going to give you the benefits. If you’re buying unnecessary exogenous ketone drinks, you’re wasting your money but you’re making somebody else a little wealthier.

In other words, just eat the ketogenic diet. Don’t waste your money on snake-oil keto pills or exogenous ketone drinks. You don’t need them – you just need to eat ketogenically. If you really want to buy a supplement, we recommend investing your money in grass-fed butter instead!



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